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Not sure what you need? Need help with achieving a green lifestyle? Then look below at our range of recommendations and Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find products to suit all your needs, and help you live more sustainably... Note: This page will be gradually expanded as we add more questions we've collected.




What does Certified Organic mean?


How can I reduce junk mail?

 Natural Paints and Oils


What is 'eco' paint? (What's the difference between green & conventional paints)?


How do you use Livos oils on floors and furniture? 


How do you repair or rejuvenate worn surfaces oiled with Livos oils?


Q: We are looking at purchasing some natural paints to paint besser blocks. Do we need a preparatory coat before we paint the walls? If we do is there a natural product we should use to do this work? Thanks and await your reply.


Q: I want to renovate an old metal babies cot using your Eco paint.I intend having it sand blasted and my question, do I need to use a primer or undercoat before using your enamel? R.R.


Q: I have a baby cot to paint and do you recommend any of your product (paint) for this purpose? P.D


 Q: hello, looking for some paint and was wondereing what sets the bio paint and volvox brands apart from other eco brands on the market such as ecolour and livos. thanks, Emma


 Query :  what would be the best finish for a hardwood kitchen countertop - non-toxic, that doesn't show liquid stains and doesn't darken the timber too much. thanks . Miranda



What's wrong with regular paraffin candles?


What's so good about beeswax candles?


Why use Hemp in Bedlinen?


Why bother with a Max Air Bin?


Q: What do you have in the way of a clothes washing liquid for sensitive skins and can it be bought at a super market?  Asked by Dorothy.


Q: Do you have any laundry or dishwashing soap which does not cotain sodium? we are looking for potassium based soaps to use in our grey water system. Thanks


 Q: Can the hemp bedlinen be put into the dryer?
i need something that can withstand high heat because i'm in the process of de-bugging the house. thank you. W


Q: Hi there, I am just chasing some details on the TEMPLE organic cotton sheets.
-thread count?
-Is the colour ASH a dark navy or charcoal? (hard to tell in photo) Thank you, J McC


Query :  what cleaning product can you recommend that is safe to clean my septic toilet with. cheers  maria

 Outside & Garden


What are Worm farms? Do they smell? How do they work? (etc.)


Q: What should i consider when comparing Worm Farms to Bokashi to Composting systems? D.K.



 Query : Hey guys, Could you tell me what cleaner I use on the Livos KUNOS (??) oiled floors? Can I just mop with it?
How much it costs? Is there a wax type product that can add protection to it? Cheers, Kim R


  Query: Do u know how bio compares to XXX? I mean is bio a healthier less toxic option or are they both the same . I know XXX is VOC free too and seems a bit cheaper in $ terms. Sorry for another question. Carolyn


 When you have a moment, would you mind a quick email about any nasties we should be looking out for in decking oil?
Many thanks, Catherine



Q: Hi, i am currently expecting my second child in a few months and always said second time around i would look for a more environmentally friendly nappy option this time. I am wondering if it is possible to receive a sample of your disposable nappies to see how my little one goes with them? Michelle H

 Query: WQuery :  Hello, Thanks for your assistance with the paint the other day. I'm excited to think I will be able to introduce more people to Bio and other products through Eco at Home. I need a good varnish for a kitchen timber bench top – what do you suggest?
Many many thanks. Kim S
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