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The unprecedented situation with the global coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, our families, our businesses and communities. 

To better manage health and safety, our customer service will now be:
- through our on-line presence, primarily our website and through social media
- by email
- over the phone - 02 9958 0412
- in the Willoughby store on a limited basis.

Shop hours are reduced so resources can support the increase in orders via our website.  The Willoughby store will:
- be primarily operating as a ‘warehouse’ to receive stock and despatch orders
- be a collection point for local customers to pick up orders freight-free
- to a lesser extent allow in-store purchases for a transition period, or until government directives say otherwise.  Sales will be by card to reduce interactions. Limits to customer numbers in the store at one time will be in place.

Please stay safe, and look out for one another.

Graeme and Doris

The Eco at Home shop is in Willoughby, Sydney, on the east side of Willoughby Road, just a few doors down from Frenchs Road. 

Eco at Home Willoughby shop 2013
Opening times

Monday - Closed

Tuesday to Friday - 10am to 4pm

Saturday 10am to 3pm

Sunday - Closed 

Address: 507 Willoughby Road, Willoughby, NSW. 2068.

Tel: 02 9958 0412

NOTE: 10am opening time is due to a clearway in front of the shop before 10am, restricting parking (After 3pm the clearway is on the other side of the road.)


 Bus numbers 272, 273 and 257 and 340 (previously the M40 - the Red bus from Bondi to Chatswood) travel past the door. Heading north the nearest stop is at Julian Street, heading south it is at Frenchs Road.  

Parking is available in the street after 10am, or just around the corner in Frenchs Road, or in council car parks behind the shops opposite (accessed via Borlaise Steet).