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Natural Interior House Paint and Natural Floor Oils.   

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Natural non toxic paints and oils are just the same and yet very different to the common paints and oils. Imagine a paint that is easy to use, that is safe enough for you to let the kids ‘have a go'. Imagine a paint that enables the walls to breathe... yet it is applied just the same as any other paint. Imagine a paint that is non-toxic and natural, an eco paint, a no VOC paint.

Natural Paint and Floor Oil 
Natural paints and oils are unique because they are made from all natural ingredients so that you are not coating your walls and floors in plastic. You don’t feel well when you are surrounded by plastic on your walls, just as you don’t feel well when you put your head in a plastic bag! (This means they are non-toxic and VOC Free!) 

We provide you with natural paints and oils of the highest quality, engineered in Europe to the strictest health standards. This means that you can rely on the quality and effectiveness, because European paint standards are stricter than Australian paint standards.

Our natural paints and oils are
•    Low Allergy - which means that they create a healthier home for you and your family. 
•    Non–Toxic - natural paints are totally free of dangerous solvents, like toluene, xylene, glycol ether derivates etc. which means that there is no hazard while you renovate, and no health issues when you have finished.
•    Rated fully washable in accordance with European standards, so they are suitable for use at home.
•    Easy to use, even a first-time handy-person can achieve a great result!

Natural Paint and Oil is healthier
Not only are natural paints and oils safer to use, they are better for your home. Timber, plasterboard, brick, rammed earth, whatever your home is made from, it breathes better with a natural coating. This means that timber is able to expand and contract without damaging the surface coating, and moisture doesn’t condense on the walls creating mould problems. Naturally oiled floors are easier to maintain and are much nicer underfoot, too! 

Natural Paint Covers Better
An extra bonus that you get from natural paint is that it has better hiding power than common paint, which means that if you want to cover a bright green wall with white paint, you need to apply fewer coats of paint. (common paints require a multitude of layers to cover a bold colour.)

Natural Paint and Floor Oil Looks Better! 
Other customers who have used these products have sent in pictures so you can see examples of natural finishes used in real homes;  View our Natural Paints and Oils Photo Gallery . These photos are testimony that you can renovate or redecorate using natural products, and the results look fantastic!

If you want to talk to us about Natural paint, please just call, or come into our Willoughby store.

You can order online and your paint will be delivered direct to your door or you can pick up from our Willoughby store. 
More Information: For Technical Specifications see the Product Info tab in the blue section at the bottom of the page

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2012 Green Lifestyle Award: Best Home Product - BioPaint

What the Award says:  Eliminating the use of harsh and toxic chemicals in your home, inside and out, Bio Paint's varnishes, enamels, oils, waxes and adhesives are a robust, hard-wearing alternative to the potentially harmful mainstream paints.

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