Query : Hey guys, Could you tell me what cleaner I use on the Livos KUNOS (??) oiled floors? Can I just mop with it?
How much it costs? Is there a wax type product that can add protection to it? Cheers, Kim R


Answer: Hi Kim,
Livos make a cleaner to suit, it's called Trena. It is important to use a Ph Nuetral cleaner (which is what Trena is).  You can buy it online from us, or come into the shop. Online it's at
http://www.ecoathome.com.au/Trena-Neutral-Cleaner-1ltr-Livos-601-5-556-1/  and yes, you just add a little to your mop water and mop the floor. Damp mopping is best, not heaps of water.  It lasts ages.
There is a wax that can add protection, it's called Glanos, and is on our website at
http://www.ecoathome.com.au/Glanos-Liquid-Wax-Cleaner-1L-6-559-1.0/ The idea is that you use Glanos every 4th or so time that you mop the floor, use Trena the other times. It too lasts ages, particularly because you dont use it as often.
(If you ever decide to use another brand of cleaner, make sure it is Ph nuetral, or you'll strip the oil off the floor!) 



Eco at Home

March 2011