Question: Hi, i am currently expecting my second child in a few months and always said second time around i would look for a more environmentally friendly nappy option this time. I am wondering if it is possible to receive a sample of your disposable nappies to see how my little one goes with them?

Michelle H

Answer: Hi Michelle,
We do not as a rule forward samples due to receiving so many requests for all products.  In this case, it is best to get the right size gripper belt and a few nappies to try as a trial.  You should find it a good product, it is truly compostable, you wont be needing to pick the plastic waistbands out of the compost as you do with other 'compostable' brands. 

The Eenee Compostable Nappy is available in a trial pack
Many customers use them in combination with fitted cloth nappies.
Look forward to assisting you further,