Question: can the hemp bedlinen be put into the dryer?
i need something that can withstand high heat because i'm in the process of de-bugging the house.
thank you. W


Answer: Hemp bedlinen certainly can withstand the dryer! Hemp is the strongest natural fibre, it was used for making sails and ropes back in the days of the tall ships. It outlasts cotton sheets, all 'round it is much better, we've been sleeping on it for years, and use the dryer in winter when necessary. It is heavier than cotton, so sometimes doesnt dry on the line, and we 'finish it of' in the dryer. Even though it is heavier, it is cooler in summer because it is much more absorbent than cotton, so it absorbs the perspiration and keeps you cool.
all the best with your de-bugging!


Note: You can use the the sun or the clothes dryer to kill bed bugs and dust mites, little bugs don't like the sun and the heat. You dont need to wash pillows and quilts or doonas before putting them in the sun or dryer, just routinely sun or dry them, do it each time you change the sheets if you are asthmatic or have allergies. It not only kills the unwanted bugs, but thoroughly dries the bedclothes; you'd be surprised at how much moisture is stored in your bedding, just from your perspiration and the general humidity in your home.  You can sun them indoors in front of a window if you're worried about rain. Using the sun is more eco!