Max Air Bin (ventilated)



The Max Air Bin is a kitchen benchtop bin for collecting food scraps.


It has a flip top lid, is compact and tidy enough to have sitting on the kitchen bench, or you can hang it inside the cupboard door under the sink.


Collecting your food waste is hygienic and easy when you use the MaxAir ventilated bin, lined with a compostable BioFilm Bag.

biodegradability logos awarded to Biofilm Bags

 The BioFilm Bag bin liner is certified compostable to European standard EN 13432 and the standard ASTM D-6400-99. (It is also accepted as an input to organic agriculture)


BioFilm* is the world's largest brand of biodegradable and compostable bags and films made from the material, Mater-Bi.


All BioFilm products are based on GMO free starch, vegetable oil and other renewable resources. No polyethylene is used in the production process. BioFilm products meet EN13432 specifications and ASTM D6400 requirements. BioFilm will never compromise our earth.

Together we can begin...   Changing the World without Changing the Earth


Our environmentally friendly, petroleum-free bags are made from GMO free certified corn.


Naturally, making bags from corn instead of petroleum by-products is a major advance in environmental technology... but we don't stop there. Did you know we only use GMO free certified corn? Or that our soy-based inks and dyes are CEN certified for restricted use of heavy metals?

Or that we're DEBIO certified for use in organic agriculture? Why do we set such high standards? 

Because... Nature Knows The Difference.                                            



























































































Using a MaxAir bin is Hygienic, because…


This bin system secures good ventilation, which allows the moisture in the food scraps to


evaporate. The waste dries, or dehydrates and this means that it does not rot or go mouldy and

smelly as quickly. So you can collect your food scraps for a week, and throw them out when you do

your weekly chores. Also, no unpleasant smells means no flies.


Using a MaxAir bin is Easy, because…


You can throw the bag and its’ contents straight into your compost bin or your worm farm. No

smelly bin to wash out, in fact you don’t even have to take the bin out of the kitchen! Just

remove the compostable binliner and throw it and the contents into the wormfarm or compostbin.


If you’re not composting or worm farming, just throw the scraps in the garbage bin. You can rest

assured that when you use the MaxAir bin system, your food waste will biodegrade rapidly if it

goes into landfill. (Unlike when you wrap it in a plastic bag, when it has to wait 300 or more

years for the plastic to break down before it can fully biodegrade. And don’t use a ‘degradable’

bag either, they need sunlight to break down – not much of that in landfill – and they never

break down completely…) Your foodscraps are biodegradable, so wrap them in something that

biodegrades – good oldfashioned newspaper will do, but newfashioned biofilm bags are far more


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