Question: I have a baby cot to paint and do you recommend any of your product (paint)for this purpose?

Answer: We recommend either Bio Waterbased Enamel or Volvox Proaqua Enamel for baby cots and other baby furniture. Both are waterbased, fast drying and have absolutely no VOCs*. These enamels are made with vinegar esthers, so are neither an acrylic nor an oilbased paint. They have the same self-levelling properties of other enamels, and they are self priming - so if you have sanded back and there are some patches of bare wood, the paint will cover both the wood patches and the bits where paint is still adhering. These paints dry in half an hour so you can do the second coat and get the job finished in less than a day (although cots are surprisingle time consuming to paint).

A 1L tub (for Bio Waterbased Enamel) or a 750ml tin (for Volvox ProAqua Enamel) should be sufficient for a cot. If there is any left over, keep it handy because in the next few months there will probably be other bits of small furniture which will possibly require a bit of paint!

Bio Enamel Waterbased is made in Australia based on German technology, (so it has fewer travel miles, making it very eco), and is a better price per volume. Bio Waterbased Enamel is available in 250ml or 1 or 4 Litres. Volvox ProAqua Enamel is imported from Germany and is available in a 750ml can or a 2.5Litre can.


* When measuring VOCs, both these paints have no measurable VOC. (The equipment that measures VOCs is unable to accurately measure anything less than 1g/L, so the certification for these products states that they have less than 1g per litre VOCs.)