Question: hello, looking for some paint and was wondereing what sets the bio paint and volvox brands apart from other eco brands on the market such as ecolour and livos. thanks, Emma


Answer: Hi Emma,
Bio and Volvox are primarily made from products from nature, avoiding harmful VOCs and petrochemicals. 
Livos paint has no technical, environmental or aesthetic advantage, but is otherwise similar in characteristic to Bio.  Livos paint is fully imported from Germany.  Bio Paint is made in Australia (product 'designed' in Germany), and has a cost and environment advantage and I believe it is more washable.  Bio has a range of natural pigments available for diy or in-store colour.
Volvox paint is like no other on the market.  It has improved aesthetics which are hard to describe, and a nice feel.  It is however less washable, and is fully imported from Germany.  It does have great natural colour ranges available, and some safe synthetic pigments too, to get vibrant colours.
Ecolour is different again in that it is made from waste petroleum oil.  Whilst this may be a fantastic recycling idea, I don't think I'd like it in my home, even if it is 'VOC free'.  I have had a fair bit to do with heavy industry and waste oils over the years.  Waste does tend to get contaminated in service (eg by hazardous metals from wear components in engines, bearings, and shafts etc) or on disposal (eg with solvents or other undesirable products that can accidently or deliberately find their way into the easy/cheaper disposal option from workshops, or worse).  The Ecolour manufacturers would need to do a comprehensive analysis of each and every load of waste oil received, for all sorts of things and perhaps for unexpected contaminants.  The control protocols would have to be extensive and very detailed, and the companies in the entire supply chain would have to be ISO 9002 (quality) and 14000 (environment) certified to have the remotest hope of high confidence level control.  This is probably not the case.  It is a risk management issue.
We can of course stock any product on the market, and have looked at these and many more.  We choose Bio and Volvox products for health, environment, functionality, quality, aesthetics and value.  Note, we do however stock Livos timber oils, as they have many advantages in all areas as do the Bio and Volvox paints described.
Please let me know if we can help you further.  You can order on-line, in-store or over the 'phone: 02 9958 0412.