Question: What do you have in the way of a clothes washing liquid for sensitive skins and can it be bought at a super market?  Asked by Dorothy.


Answer: We are a retailer, just as your local supermarket is. There are of course a number of big differences btween us and the supermarket.


We check all our products, not only to ensure that they do not harm the environment, but also to ensure they are safe for people. These two issues are closely aligned because as living creatures we are an intrinsic part of the environment.


If you have sensitive skin you would be wise to avoid as many harmful chemicals as possible. Depending on your sensitivities, you can choose from Herbon fragrance Free laundry liquid or powder if you are sensitive to aromatherapy oils, or the Herbon standard range (not fragrance free), or the range of liquids and powders by EnviroClean, or the Ecologic range, or the Citrus Resources Citrawash which is based on citrus oil. All these products are safe and natural, and without fillers or additives. You generally use less of them than you would a supermarket product. To see these online go to


I dont believe any of these are available in supermarkets.


All our laundry products are natural, and greywater safe, which means they dont harm the plants in the garden if you empty the washing water into the garden every day. Supermarket brands will kill your garden if you put the water on your plants; you dont have to be Einstein to figure out that if it kills your plants it can't be too good for your skin!


If you are unsure about the ingredients of products, we sell a little book titled 'The Chemical Maze' which is handbag sized so that you can check ingredients at the shops before you buy


Keep in mind though that cleaning products only need to list 80% of their ingredients by law. Our cleaning products list all their ingredients. If you suspect something is not good, ask the manufacturer for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which they must provide when asked (again by law). A reasonable rule of thumb is that if there is something suspicious listed on the product, then the items not listed are probably worse. The classic trouble causing ingredient in most cleaning products is Sodium Laurel Sulphate or SLS, which is also in many shampoos moisturisers and toothpastes etc, and amonia or chlorine derivatives.


Should you decide it is best to use our products (as we do!) then we deliver Australia wide if you order online, or you can pick them up in our shop in Willoughby. most of the laundry products are available in bulk to save you the hassle of frequent shopping and to save $$$!