Question: We are looking at purchasing some natural paints to paint our downstairs. Currently this is besser block. Do we need a preparatory coat before we paint the walls? If we do is there a natural product we should use to do this work? Thanks and await your reply.  Zich


Answer: We stock two types of paint suitable for your application, both are for interior use.
Volvox Clay Decor is designed to be applied to masonry.  Clean down, wet the surface then apply the wall paint to the moist surface.  Two coats recommended.  Some customers choose to use the Bio Wall Primer prior to Clay Decor application.  See more info here:
Bio Wall Paint would require a primer.  Clean down, then apply one coat of Bio Wall Primer, then two coats of Bio Wall Paint. See more info here:
The Bio Paint is perhaps more washable...both are less than 1g/litre VOC (volatile organic compounds).   Estimate of quantity is approx 10 sq m / litre / coat for Bio,  and about 8 sq m / litre / coat for Clay Decor.  This varies by paint application thickness and surface absorption and roughness. We ship Australia wide.