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 Long summer days, barbecues, outdoors and sunshine. Get the most out of your outdoor living areas and get ready for some serious summer fun. If your decking, or outdoor furniture, needs a bit of attention, use Livos natural Alis Decking Oil to get it looking like new!

Alis DEcking Oil colour fandeck

Livos alis Decking Oil comes in 7 colours. Chestnut is a great match for Merbau, Light Teak goes with Jarrah, Alis Oak is good for lighter timbers such as Cypress, Oregon Pine matches Oregon or Cedar, and Boxwood is the closest appearance to clear.

Alis Decking Oil on jarrah deck.
Alis Decking Oil is the most natural, good looking finish for your outdoor living areas.

 Alis Decking Oil in Black

 Need the designer look? Use Alis Decking oil in Black or Slate Grey.


 Use Alis Decking Oil on outdoor furniture

 Alis Decking Oil is durable, economical, and the colours are beautiful! Alis (made by Livos) is a water repellent, open-pored, fast drying finish which does not chip or flake.

Rejuvenate exterior timber with natural Alis Decking Oil
 Your woodwork can look like new! Sand to remove damaged surface, and oil with Alis Decking Oil.
Wood oiled with Alis Decking Oil is easy to maintain. It is a 2 coat system, which can be easily rejuvenated.