Query :  what cleaning product can you recommend that is safe to clean my septic toilet with?


Answer: Hi Maria,
We currently stock 4 toilet cleaners, all are suitable for septic toilets. You can check the details for them on our website under Eco Cleaning/Sprays and Liquids or the individual item links are:
Enviroclean Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner
Ecologic Toilet Gel
EcoStore Toilet Cleaner
Citrus Resources Zest Total Bathroom Cleaner (Concentrate)
You're spoilt for choice! The Ecologic Gel is a new product in their range, and I haven't tried it yet. The others all work well, the Zest is most economical, being a concentrate (I recommend getting the labelled dispenser bottle with it. Note it is not suitable for marble or polished granite.) The Enviroclean is refillable if you buy Enviroclean Vigor and Enviroclean Disinfectant and mix your own toilet cleaner. EcoStore and Ecologic are standard in that you buy another bottle when it's empty.
Hope this helps!




Eco at Home

March 2011