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Below we've provided a range of informative videos that explain some of our innovative products. These videos include health care tips, composting tips and other how-to information so you can find all you need for a more planet-friendly lifestyle! 




Microfibre Spin Mop 

White Magic Microfibre Cloths & Sponges

 Solar & Lighting

Smartburn Polution Reduction for wood fires

 Outside & Garden

Bokashi Composting

Personal & Health

 Painting Tips






White Magic Micro Fibre Spin Mop



Buy a Microfibre spin mop now!

 White Magic Microfibre cloths and sponges



White Magic Microfibre Cloth and Sponge video

Buy your microfibre cloth and sponge products now!

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Personal & Health



The Story of Cosmetics 


The Story of Stuff - The Story of Cosmetics

10 Step Facial


MiEssence 10 Step Facial 

Cosmetic How To


MiEssence Cosmetics How To 


Daily Skin Care Routine


MiEssence Skin Care Daily Routine


Facial Massage 


MiEssence Facial Massage




MiEssence Soaps 




MiEssence Deodorants 




MiEssence Toothpaste


In-Liven Probiotic


MiEssence In-Live Probiotic 




MiEssence Shampoo


Hand Cream


MiEssence Hand Cream 



Choose from our range of fabulous Miessence products! 


MiEssence - A Natural Facial in 10 Easy Steps!



Step 1 Cleansing


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 1 


Step 2 Exfoliating


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 2 


Step 3 Mask


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 3 


Step 4 Brighten & Lighten


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 4 


Step 5 Firm & Tone


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 5 


Step 6 Gels for Redness & Blemishes


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 6 


Step 7 Ambrosia  


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 7


Step 8 Moisturise


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 8 


Step 9 Serums


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 9 


Step 10 Mist


MiEssence 10 Step Facial Step 10 



Find all the products you need for this effective treatment on our Miessence page! 

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Organyc Feminine Sanitary Pads

The manufacture of

Organyc Pads 

Manufacture of Organyc Feminine Sanitary Pads 

Organyc Pads

are 100% Biodegradable

Organyc Feminine Sanitary Pads Biodegrade 


Buy your Tampons and Pads online 



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Solar & Lighting

 SmartBurn Pollution Reduction for Wood Fires


SmartBurn reducing pollution from open fires


SmartBurn for open fires 

Try a Smartburn today!



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Outside & Garden  

 Bokashi Composting
Bokashi FAQ1


Bokashi Composting FAQ 1

Bokashi FAQ2


Bokashi Composting FAQ 2 



Bokashi Composting -

Burying the waste for the first time


Bokashi Composting -Burying the waste

Bokashi Composting -

Checking your soil improvement


Bokashi Composting -Checking your success


Bokashi Bucket Maintenance 1


Bokashi Composting -Bucket Maintenance 1


Bokashi Bucket Maintenance 2


Bokashi Composting -Bucket Maintenance 2


Bokashi Bucket Maintenance 3


Bokashi Composting -Bucket Maintenance 3

Bokashi and Worm Farms


Bokashi Composting with Worm Farming

Adding bokashi to the Compost Bin


 Bokashi Composting used with Compost Bins


See our Tips on Bokahsi page, or Select from our Bokashi range now



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Painting Tips & Tricks - How to


 Setting up a Paint Workstation

Get Organised - set up

a Paint Workstation

Using Masking Tape to Protect Carpet

Use Masking Tape to

Protect the Carpet 

 Removing Powerpoint Covers

Remove Powerpoint

covers  to save time

 Using Sandpaper

Using Sandpaper

 Standing on a Ladder

Standing on a Ladder

 Dabbing with a Paint Brush

Dabbing with a Paint Brush

 Storing Paint Brushes

Storing Paint Brushes

 Stirring Paint with a Drill

Stirring Paint with a Drill


Buy your Painting Tools and Equipment now 



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