Gifts for Children

 Gifts for Children


 A toy that teaches, and does not require batteries, is the most awesome gift!  Children love to make things, to explore and learn, and to have FUN!



               Remote Controlled Solar Car

 The most popular amongst children who come into the store is the remote controlled car!


A remote controlled car is heaps of fun! you can chase it around, run it into peoples legs (it doesnt hurt), tease the dog or cat... endless hours of fun!


Rugby Ball Fairtrade


 We all love to play ball, and you can never have too many balls! From now on play only fair - no child labour. in the making, and fair trade.


 Fairest and best among sports equipment is the range of balls from Etiko.



Crinkle Bear rattles and teethers


For baby, an organic cotton toy soother, a crinkly, rattly toy that is safe to chew!


Childs Watering Can


Puddling about with water is what summer fun is all about. Children love to help with the gardening, and giving the plants a drink of water gives water play a purpose, and teaches children to care for other living things.

Stainless Steel Bottles


Stainless steel bottles are sooo 2012! Everyone uses them now!


The smallest is a great for toddlers, the largest is great for family picnics or long car trip, the medium sizes are just right for a backpack or school bag.


They're virtually indestructible!



Micro Solar Car

A Matchbox sized car that zooooms in the sun, then stoppes instantly when it reaches the shade! Great fun having  for car races with cousins and friends!


Wooden Toy Trucks - a Firetruck, Steam Engine, Tip Truck and Car Truck

A sturdy wooden truck is a favourite with everyone; boys and girls! There are 2 trucks in the shop, and they are played with enlessly!

These tough toys stand up to being rammed together, raced into the furniture and walls; the toughest treatment a child can give them. Yet they live on and on... they will be passed on to their children and grandchildren!



Childrens Books - We share One World

Wonderful books with positive messages for a beautiful future. It is a gift of a book, a gift of time to read it with them, and a gift in the message of love and one-ness that brings us all together.


Yellow ducky Shower Timer


Bright and colourful, this little ducky is a timer that children can learn to set, they can learn counting, telling the time, managing electronic clock devices, and saving water in the shower! A multifunction toy!

Gardening Tools for Children


Many children learn about gardening at school. Kids love to dig in the garden, and delight in being able to help set up a vegie patch or grow their own flowers. (Children also love worm farms!)


Foster this natural inquisitiveness, give them some seedlings to plant with their new tools! (See also Long handled tools for children 5+)