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Eco Personal Care and Health - Close to the Skin, close to the Heart

Hygiene and beauty are a part of holistic wellbeing. These products harness the powers of natural ingredients.

Millions of dollars are spent in the personal care industry each year. Modern society constantly increases its pressures on outward appearance and agelessness.

Most of the products used to achieve this arguably do more harm than good. The intense competition in this industry means that products are packaged with astronomical claims (and prices), as well as artificial chemicals and fillers. Repeated daily use can deprive your skin of its natural oil balances, and create further health issues. 

Eco at Home knows that hygiene and beauty are a part of holistic wellbeing, but we disagree with the dominant approach to this sector. We've provided a range of products including shampoo, conditioner and soap that don't claim magical properties! Their abilities lie instead in the powers of natural ingredients, and freedom from chemicals.

Many of these items are essential to daily routines, such as toothpaste and sunscreen. With such important products, we feel your health and that of your family deserves no compromise. So have a look at the organic, natural features of our range and discover a healthier lifestyle!