Question: Hi there,
I am just chasing some details on the TEMPLE organic cotton sheets.
-thread count?
-Is the colour ASH a dark navy or charcoal? (hard to tell in photo)
Thank you,
Jema McCabe


Answer: Thread count is 250, soft and smooth.
Ash is best described as mid-way between very dark navy and charcoal, depending on the light. It's more grey than dark navy, but has more 'colour' than charcoal.
Colours are also difficult to descibe!  If you are fussy, it's safest to buy a pair of pillowcases to see the colour in real life.
All organic cottons are around 250 thread count (as far as we are aware). it is the standard count for high quality sheets. Higher thread counts are very silky, and very good for business! For there to be 1000 or more threads per inch, for instance, the threads need to be very thin... Thin threads such as silk are strong, but that is because the silkworm spins a very long thin thread. Cotton is made from the fluff around the cotton seed, the sections of thread are short and have to be spun or twisted together to form a long thread ( a bit like wool is short fibres spun together). The more these sections overlap, the stronger the thread, but also the thicker.
So we believe the thread count bit is a marketing ploy, which has proven to be very successful and great for their business! ( and I expect no-one has ever tried to verify/check any of the claims made about threadcount!)
Again, a set of pillowcases will give you the chance to feel the quality as well as see the colour.