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Below are images of beautiful homes created using a range of natural finishes available at Eco at Home:



 Bio Paints and Oils


 Livos Natural Oils

 Bio Paints and Oils

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Bio Varnish on Stairs and balusters
Bio Varnish on stairs and baluster. Photo credit: Marcin Antosz, Natural Colour Painters and Decorators 0431 907 913 
'Trouser Grey' stairwell, Bio Paint on walls.
The grey colour perfectly matched the grey wool trousers worn on the day!
Denie's artistic flair produced this fabulous curley tree.
Denie's artistic flair created this fabulous tree. Denie used Bio Paint to produce this work of art!
Bio Enaml Lacquer used on height adjustable work bench by Peter Natoli
 Customer Peter Natoli built this great height adjustable workbench and painted it green with our Bio Enamel paint. Congratulations Peter for having your bench featured in a UK woodworking magazine!
Jane's cheery living room in 'Buttercup Yellow' Bio Paint.
Jane wanted safe and natural paint, but loves bright and cheerful colours "You can't feel glum for long in a cheerful room!"
We matched every colour with a gorgeous safe and natural Bio Paint.

    Jane's bright and cheery walls in safe and natural Bio Paint.

The play of light on the 'Buttercup Yellow' Bio Paint walls give a stunning lead into the red walled study (red wall is painted in Volvox Clay Decor. Scroll up for detailled view).

A peaceful green room painted with natural Bio Paint.    

Jane wanted a peaceful green in this room, something to connect with the garden outside.

As you can see, Bio Paint natural paints are available in a huge range of colours.

     Jane's blue kitchen painted in natural Bio Paint.

Jane's beautiful Bio Paint blue kitchen matches the rest of the home in vibrancy and colour. Each room leads beautifully into the next. The colour scheme's smart appearance matched with a classic white on the skirting boards and window and door trims.


Therese & David have created a natural haven for their children using Bio Natural timber oil.

Bio Natural Timber Oil -Exterior- protects the cubby from the elements, but is safe and natural for children to play in.
A close-up view of the cubby detail finished with Bio Natural Timber Oil - Exterior


A fantastic Vegetable Garden in the making! Garden bed surrounds treated with

safe and natural Bio Natural Timber Oil - Exterior.

The inside of the timber surrounds is treated with Diggers Eco in-ground Timber Protecta.


A close up view of the garden bed surrounds after treatment with Bio Natural Timber Oil - Exterior. The inside of the timbers is sealed with Diggers Eco In-ground Timber Protecta, a safe creosote alternative, BFA registered..


 Sophie chose Bio Wall Paint and Bio Natural Mineral Pigment for

 the bedrooms.




        Bio Natural Wall Paint looks cool and elegant in the study. 

Bio Floor Varnish and Bio Wall Paint

A stunning, natural look achieved with Bio Wall Paint and Bio Floor Varnish.

A stunning natural look with Bio Wall Paint and Bio Floor Varnish

The natural look is continued in the upstairs bedrooms, Bio Floor Varnish and Bio Wall Paint throughout the house!

Bio Floor Varnish to seal a slate floor

Bio Floor Varnish used to seal a slate floor.

Bio Floor Varnish highlights the natural colours in a slate floor.

Slate floors add beautiful colour and texture to a room, and Bio Floor Varnish brings out the best in slate flooring!

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Livos Natural Oils

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Livos Kunos natural oil on a spotted gum floor looks absolutely stunning!



Livos Kunos on a brushbox floor provides a natural breathable seal on the timber and brings out the beautiful grains and colours!



 Livos Alis decking oil on a jarrah deck and surrounds protects the timber from the elements and looks very impressive!

Livos Kunos gives a WOW!! factor to this blackbutt staircase!


Going eco with a recycled tallow wood floor, and of course only a totally natural oil such as Livos Kunos will suit the eco credentials of the floor!



  These photos show that even a very old, neglected baltic pine floor can be renovated! Just repair, sand and oil with Livos Ardvos natural floor oil; too easy! (well... not too hard, anyway)



 Kunos Natural Oil Sealeris available in colours! 'Smoked Oak' gives a great darkened look, regardless of base timber type.

The colour varies depending on the colour of the timber, and it also depends on how finely the floor has been sanded.

For more colour, sand only to 120grit. Finely sanded floors do not take colour as much.


Entry and hallway in Kunos Smoked Oak on pine



 Kunos 'Smoked Oak' being applied to a pine floor.


Kunos smoked oak being applied to a pine floor.



 Pine floor finished with Livos kunos 'SmokedOak'. Interior by "Designing Women" 


Pine floor finished with Livos Kunos 'Smoked Oak'



 "My favourite part of the renovation is the floor!" Sam in Rozelle, commenting on her floor, which was finished in Livos Kunos 'Smoked Oak'.


Livos Kunos 'Smoked Oak' on floor in Rozelle



 Kunos white on handmade oregon table made by Steve Marsh  Top view, Kunos white on handmade oregon table made by Steve Marsh

Kunos white lightens this beautiful Oregon table, handmade by Steve Marsh using salvaged timber - "not bad for a sparkie!"

Contact Steve at  on 0404 859 222. (for bespoke furniture or electrical work!)


    Table finished with Kunos Countertop Oil

Stuarts beautiful table at Berry Mtn finished with Kunos Countertop Oil (a Livos product)


Hatbox ottoman by David Norrie Design finished with Livos Oil.


David Norrie Design coffee table finished with Livos oils.

Contemporary handmade furniture finished in livos oils - from Sydney-based designer David Norrie. call him on 0423 316 7310423 316 731



Suellen's antique English Oak dining table, restored with Kunos Countertop Oil
Suellen's Antique English Oak dining table, beautifully restored by Chris who stripped away the teak stain which was applied in the 60s or 70s, and has applied Kunos Countertop oil to restore the beautiful patina to the table.
Antique English Oak dining table restored with Kunos Countertop Oil
Rosewood furniture restored with Kunos Countertop Oil  and Ardvos Universal Wood Oil.
 John & Trish have restored their Rosewood furniture with Kunos Countertop Oil on the top and Ardvos Universal Wood Oil on the sides. The end result looks fantastic!
Rosewood furniture restored with Kunos Countertop Oil  and Ardvos Universal Wood Oil.
Ironbark table before staining with natural oils, by Rob Tuckett SSPP Pty Ltd
On the workbench is a 4m long sideboard or table, just before staining with Livos Kaldet natural finish.
This is a bespoke piece made by Rob Tuckett, SSPP Pty Ltd. (
Below is the same table, finished and in situ.
The table is made from Australian Ironbark, and finished with Livos Kaldet Stain/oil colour matched to existing furniture.
Ironbark table finished in natural Livos Kaldet Stain Oil


Livos Kunos was used to finish this Tasmanian Oak floor, it's soft underfoot and looks gorgeous!

Kitchen by Dave Brindley, Tasmania.
"Goodwood" by Dave and Julie Brindley in Tasmania. "Goodwood" furniture is made from Tasmanian, myrtle, gum. sassafras, blackwood, and other varieties. It is constructed the old craft way with joins dowels and finished with natural oil from Eco at Home.
Oh, and a lot of love and many hours labour. The pieces are very sturdy and some are quite heavy. Love it? Want it? Call 0458466088.

 Chair by Dave Brindley, Tasmania  .   Guitar stand by Dave Brindley, Tasmania

 "Goodwood" by Dave and Julie Brindley in Tasmania.


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