Product Info - Natural Floor Finishes & Oils


Below are links to the specific 'How to' and Technical Data Sheets for many of our natural oil products for floors, decks and furniture.


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Natural Oils for interior and exterior timbers

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Natural oils and varnishes for interior and exterior timbers




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Natural Oils varnishes and sealers for interior and exterior timber

Livos Ardvos Universal Wood Oil

Bio Floor Varnish

 Volvox Hard Oil Wax Finish

Livos Kunos Natural Oil Sealer

Bio Priming Oil


Volvox Hardwood Floor Renovator

Livos Kunos Countertop Oil

Bio Teak Oil

Volvox Hard Oil

Livos Alis Decking Oil

Bio Natural Timber Oil

(Clear, exterior)

Volvox Timber Deck Care

Livos Kaldet Transparent Wood Stain

Bio Wood Protecting Borax

Volvox ProAqua Floor Sealer

Livos Bivos Oil Wax


Livos Glanos Liquid Wax Cleaner


Livos Meldos Hardening Oil


How to Apply Livos Oils



 Maintenance of Livos Oiled Floors



Maintenance of Livos Oiled Floors - Large areas


Livos Oiled Wooden Floors Rejuvenation