Bio Products: Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to conventional products to prevent ecological illness such as the sick building syndrome.

Why Use BIO Paints:                                

LOW ALLERGY  - The natural base of BIO Products, allows your family to enjoy a better and healthier life-style.

NON POISONOUS -  Make your home and your environment a safer place using Bio Products.
BREATHING WALLS  - BIO Products  natural paints do not seal your walls. They can breathe.

SOLVENTS  - The Bio product range of natural paints is totally free of dangerous solvents, like toluene, xylene, glycol ether derivates etc.

PIGMENTS  - Typically our pigments such as earth or metal pigments are naturally occurring substances, the perfect match for a range of totally natural paints.

PRESERVATIVES  - Natural ingredients act perfectly as a preservative.

DURABILITY AND HIDING POWER  - Bio paint can be scrubbed clean and has a hiding power of 98.3%, which is better than most paints on the market.
It has been tested by the Australian Defence Department Materials Testing Laboratory in September 1993 and meets the Australian Standard AS 1580. (Method of Paint Testing)

HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT  - By using BIO Products you are promoting the maintenance of a healthy balance between mankind and nature. 

WASHABLE  - Bio Paint is fully washable.


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Bio Wall Paint HD (Heavy Duty) is a matt interior paint based on natural, non toxic ingredients. Natural paint has a pleasant smell and is available in a range of harmonious natural colours. For use on interior surfaces such as plasterboard, solid plaster, concrete and mud brick. It is not recommended, but can be used on timber or on timber products such as medium density fibreboard, masonite or particleboard. BioPaint breathes, allowing moisture to move through your walls, giving a more pleasant and healthy room ambience (conventional wall paints seal off the walls, which promotes mould growth). 
Bio Wall Paint HD has been tested by the Department of Defence according to the Australian Standard AS 1580 for scrub-resistant and dry hiding power. It is therefore well suited for homes, schools, restaurants, offices and public buildings with heavy traffic areas. It is also suitable for use in wet areas (Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundries). 
Bio Wall Paint HD has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and does not contribute to smog and pollution. It contains no lead, glycol derivates, aromatic hydrocarbons or styrene compounds. In fact it is based on natural clay, which helps clean the air.

Enamel Paints (for windows, doors, skirting boards etc)


Bio Enamel Lacquer (Water-Based) Interior is a dirt-and water-repellent, semi gloss or matt painted finish, containing no toxic solvents, resins or heavy metals. It is suitable for use on toys, paneling, skirting boards, architraves, doors and windows. It is extremely low VOC - less than 1gr. Per Litre. Colours can be created with Bio Mineral Pigments, all natural pigments are the best match for a natural paint.


Bio Enamel Lacquer (Oil-Based) Interior/Exterior is a dirt and water-repellent, semi gloss or satin painted finish, containing no toxic solvents, resins or heavy metals. Suitable for all wood types, steel, aluminium and copper. Especially suitable for use on toys, paneling, skirting and architraves, garage doors and window frames. Bio Thinners must be used with this paint. Colours can be created by adding/intermixing the coloured enamel paints.

BioPigments  - natural mineral pigments

Bio Pigments are available in 10 colours, which can be intermixed to achieve a huge range of natural paint  colours. 
The pigment colours are shown on the chart below: Red (R), Brown (BR), Orange-brown (OR), Golden-Ochre (GO), Ochre (O), Yellow (Y), Blue (B), Green (G), Violet (V) and Black (BL)

You can buy the pigments and create your own, unique colour, or we can mix your colour for you (for a small fee). We can match colours from 'other brand' colour charts, or match a colour from a piece of fabric, a vase etc. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you're creative and intend to mix your own colour, you just need to decide on which base you're going to use. There are 2 base colours, White and Deep Base.  Use White for pale and pastel shades. Deep Base gives a deeper, richer colour (noted on the chart below with the letters DB). All pigments can be blended to make your own unique colour.(However, because the pigment is not a paint in itself, don't mix more than 1 part of tint to 1 part paint i.e. 50/50 paint/pigment) Many colours will require the blending of two or three pigments. For example, to create a popular colour known as Antique White, you will need Brown, Ochre and Black.
This chart shows dilutions of each pigment as a percentage mixed with White or Deep Base (DB).
ie. if you mix a little bit of pigment into the paint, you get a light colour, mix more in and you get a darker colour.

For 4 Litres of White Wall paint:      
0.5% = 20ml of BIO Pigments (1:200)
   1% = 40 ml of BIO Pigments (1:100)
   2% = 80 ml of BIO Pigments (1:50)
   5% = 200 ml of BIO Pigments (1:20) 
 10% = 400 ml of BIO Pigments (1:10)
 20% = 800 ml of BIO Pigments  (1:5)
 50% = 2000 ml of BIO Pigments (1:1)

For 10 Litres of White Wall paint:
0.5% = 50ml of BIO Pigments
   1% = 100 ml of BIO Pigments
   2% = 200 ml of BIO Pigments 
   5% = 500 ml of BIO Pigments
 10% = 1000 ml of BIO Pigments
 20% = 2000 ml of BIO Pigments
 50% = 5000 ml of BIO Pigments

With just a little bit of pigment you can create a subtle off-white, or an antique white, in fact you can have any white you like.
We realise that not everyone is excited by the prospect of creating or mixing their own colours. Tell us about your colour choice, and we'll create your colour for you. We can also mix it for you.
And if you need a painter who is experienced in using natural paints, we'll try to help you there too.


Our paints and pigments are based on plant oils, resins, essential oils, talc (asbestos free), white earth pigments, china clay, iron oxides, metal pigments, earth pigments, mineral fillers, water etc., free of cadmium, chromates and lead chromates.
Prepare the surface in accordance with AS 2311 - Painting of Buildings. The surface to be painted should be smooth, dry and cleaned of greasy and dirty contaminants. Remove stains and/or seal off with a weak solution of shellac: 200-250 grams Shellac per 1 Litre methylated spirit. Old lime and kalsomine paint must be removed. Oil based and acrylic paint surfaces - semigloss or gloss - should be sanded with sandpaper. A test strip is recommended on already painted surfaces if compatibility is in doubt.

Highly absorbent, new and crumbly surfaces must be primed with BIO Wall Primer. Alkaline surfaces must be primed first with a special conventional sealer to prevent saponification of the paint. Plasterboard jointing cement should be left for 48 hours before painting.
Stir thoroughly before use with a broad flat stirrer. May be brushed, rolled or sprayed. Apply one thick coat or two thin coats (thinned with water 5%- 15% to obtain a smooth flowing consistency). New Gyprock surfaces need two or three coats initially. Airless spraying requires 200 bar/pressure with a nozzle of 0.28 mm Titan -adjustable- or 0.53 mm with a fan angle of 50 degrees.
Touch dry in 30 - 60 minutes. May be recoated after about 4-6 hours. Allow 7 days for film to fully cure before washing. Under cold and damp conditions allow a longer drying time. Do not use below + 5 C. 

Use warm, soapy water.

1 Litre covers approx. 8 - 10 sqm. (On concrete and rough surfaces 1 Litre covers approx. 5 sqm)
Volume solids: 41 %
Spreading rate: 8 - 10sqm per Litre
Density: 1.60
Dry Hiding Power: 97.2
Gloss level at 6o/80 degrees 2.3-9.7
Wet film thickness 100 micrometres, dry film thickness: 41 micrometres.

White 1, 4 and 10 Litres, Tints 100 ml, 250 ml and 1 Litre.

Keep tightly sealed in a cool frost free place. Seal well after using. Once opened, use as quickly as possible. Keep out of reach of children. 

By using BIO Products you are promoting the maintenance of a healthy balance between mankind and nature.

Downloadable pdf files:

Bio Wall Primer

Bio Wall Paint

BIO Water-Based Enamel Lacquer 


Bio Enamel Lacquer (Plant) Oil Based


BIO All Purpose Varnish Interior


Bio Thinner

The preceding information is given as a general guide only. Some variations may occur or be advisable for particular conditions.
Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise is limited to the purchase price of the material.

This is an environmentally friendly product.

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