Watch MiEssence Facial Videos


Below is a step-by-step guide to using some of the fantastic MiEssence range of organic skincare products in a rejuvenating facial treatment!

If you want to create some or all of this invigorating experience for yourself, visit our MiEssence page!

Videos courtesy of ONEGroup (MiEssence)

Step 1: Cleansing to detoxify and nurture the skin

 Step 2: Exfoliating dead skin cells - an anti-ageing must!

Step 3: Masks for drawing out impurities

Step 4: Brighten and Lighten for Vital Skin

Step 5: Condition the skin to firm and tone

Step 6: Gels to treat redness and blemishes

Step 7: Ambrosia for your face - Extreme nourishment!

Step 8: Moisturise to nourish and protect

Step 9: Serums for fortifying and firming

Step 10: Mist to refresh and uplift


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