Ladies Organic Tampons and Pads

How are sanitary pads made? Watch the video.


Do Sanitary Pads biodegrade? YES, see video.



Ever wondered how sanitary pads are made? Watch this, its amazing!  





Organyc Sanitary Pads really do biodegrade... 




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Organ(y)c contains only one ingredient:
100% organic cotton.

Cotton is Nature’s Most Absorbent
• Protects against leaks
• Holds more than twenty times its weight in liquid
• pH compatible


Cotton is Renewable & Sustainable
• It is not manufactured
• Not from a test tube
• Not plastic
• It is nature’s gift

Soft as…
    …well, soft as cotton
• Cotton sets the bar high for softness


• Cotton is naturally breathable
• Keeps you dry and comfortable

• Moves with you
• Never itchy
• See soft and breathable above


Sensitive Skin
• A large percentage of women know they
have sensitive skin
• Organ(y)c is hypoallergenic
• Skin and cotton blend well together