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Clean with water and a White Magic cloth or sponge;

you dont need to buy any harsh and harmful chemical cleaners!

White Magic Microfibre Cloths 

White Eraser Cleans walls and paintwork with only water!!


White Magic has created a highly effective range of microfibre cleaning products which enable you to clean using their cloths or sponges, and adding only water! The sponges work really well at removing stubborn marks from paint, just rub lightly as if you are using an eraser! No scrubbing required.

All marks just disappear, like magic! White Magic!


You can use White Magic sponges on any smooth and non-porous area of the home or office.


White Magic sponges

They are White, and sometimes called Erasers, sometimes sponges, sometimes microfibre blocks. Whatever you call it, you'll love the effectiveness of its cleaning power. They are light and easy to use, and do not require any sprays, detergent, bleach or other harmful chemicals to get even the worst cleaning job done.


Where should you use the White Magic Sponge?


You can use the White Magic microfibre blocks or sponges on most surfaces including glass, ceramic, plastic, copper and brass, metals and aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated surfaces, laminated and coated surfaces, granite, leather, vinyl and most non-porous surfaces.


Use it to clean the tea stains out of cups, to put the sparkle back into old crystal glasses, and to clean marks from the walls that you thought were there to stay for good!


Where to use White Magic sponges

Where to use White Magic sponges 2


How to use the White Magic Eraser / sponge / microfibre block:

How to use the White Magic microfibre sponge - lifespan


white magic Extra microfibre sponge  white magic microfibre sponge

1. Use gently like an eraser.
2. Spot test on all surfaces to ensure no discoloration.
3. Don't use on sharp edges or rough surfaces as it can damage the sponge.
4. Don't use on highly polished surfaces such as a car as it may dull the paintwork.
5. Don't eat or use on the human body.


The microfibres of a White Magic sponge are made from fibres which are 10,000 times finer than a human hair. These tiny fibres create millions of pockets and surfaces to pick up and hold dirt, stains and grime - which is what makes White Magic more effective than traditional sponges.


The White Magic microfibre sponge is made in a flexible open cell construction much like a honeycomb. As the slender branches clean out the surface they will break off and the stain will absorb up into the sponge.

The fibres themselves are 10 times stronger than steel, which allows White Magic to remove even the most stubborn marks.


Also Available: White Magic Spin Mop This mop and bucket come with a mop spin-dryer which is somewhat like a salad spinner! It makes washing the mop a breeze! You get cleaner floors with less effort and no chemicals!


WhiteMagic Spin Mop

 White Magic microfibre cloths scored the best results in tests carried out by CHOICE in Dec 2009. See

Microfibre Cloths with Choice.com.au


 White Magic Microfibre Kitchen Eco Cloth 2 Pack

The new White Magic Kitchen Cloth has Bamboo and Charcoal yarns to reduce bacterial growth and eliminate odour.


White Magic Bamboo and Charcoal microfibre Kitchen cloth




White Magic Microfibre General Purpose Eco Cloth

The White Magic ultra microfibre cloth (WM-MFG) is the one tested in the CHOICE review, and is the best all rounder of all microfibre cloths! It scored well for Kitchen, Bathroom, Dusting, Mirrors, Stainless Steel (stovetop, oven, fridge) with a total score of 76%. The next best score was 61%, it won by a good margin!

White Magic General Purpose microfibre cloth 




White Magic Microfibre glass and Window eco Cloth

The White Magic Window and Glass Cloth cleans and dries glass completely streak-free. No rubbing, spraying, scrunching up old newspapers and getting the vinegar onto it. Just use water and a magic window cloth!

 White Magic Window and Glass microfibre cloth