Zero Carbon Australia Building

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Zero Carbon Australia Building Plans by Beyond Zero Emissions, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Energy Institute.
The ZCA Buildings Plan is the first comprehensive, nation-wide retrofit plan for Australia's buildings. It shows how existing buildings can reach zero carbon emissions in 10 years. The plan currently uses available and affordable technology.
Part 1 Intro and Overview - 22pages.
Part 2 Factors Influencing Energy in Buildings - 36 pages
Part 3 Low-Energy Building Technologies and Strategies - 81 pages
Part 4 Zero Carbon Building Proposals - 20 pages
Part 5 Summary of Modelling Findings - 41 pages
Part 6 Economic Analysis - 14 pages

The Zero Carbon Australia Building Plan will:
- Halve Australia's building energy use
- Fully retrofit existing buildings for higher comfort
- Install 33GW of rooftop solar
- Raise the bar on appliance performance
- Protect against rising gas prices
- Go gas free by installing highly efficient electric technologies
- Give energy freedom to millions of home owners
- Create tens of thousands of new jobs.

221 pages
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