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The Wastewater Gardener - Preserving the Planet One Flush at a Time! By Mark Nelson. At age 2 we all have a fascination for poo, and how it is a fact of everyone's life, man and beast. We treat poo as a waste material, when in fact it is a high nutrient resource we can be using, with the right systems in place of course!

The Wastewater Gardener is an essential read, infused with humour, humility and humanity." - from the foreword by Tony Juniper.

And wonderfully, there is a whole chapter about Australian wastewater treatment!

From the back cover: Open the Wastewater Gardener, and join leading eco-researcher, Dr Mark Nelson on a lively global quest for alternatives to flushing away a valuable resource: human waste. Dr. Nelson was one of eight brave souls enclosed in the biosphere 2 experiment. For two years he managed their sewage treatment wetlands, experimencing everyday just how essential the proper re-use of human waste is to the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. He has since created Wastewater Gardens around the world. This book explores large-scale methods for managing the "Fecesphere", and offers creative ideas to individuals looking for smaller-scale water conservation approaches. Nelson also asks readers to consider a simple idea each time they visit the loo: the travel itinerary of waste, because, as he says, "We change the world one small step at a time, one flush at a time."

The blurb: Mark Nelson, PhD, takes us on a global expedition to learn how we are wasting the world’s dwindling supply of fresh water by flushing away a very valuable resource, our own human wastes! The author is founding director of the Institute of Ecotechnics and has worked for several decades in closed ecological systems research. As one of eight brave souls enclosed in the pioneering Biosphere 2 experiment, Nelson realized how essential the proper use of human waste is to the health of the planet. This, combined with his lifelong love affair with constructed wetlands, led to the discovery of Wastewater Gardens, an important solution to some of our trickiest global environmental dilemmas. While the problems and case studies covered in this book are indeed quite serious, Mark’s approach to the subject makes for a fun, down-to-earth and very informative read. The foreword is written by renowned British environmentalist Tony Juniper.

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