Revive!: Inspired Interiors

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Revive!: Inspired Interiors from Recycled Materials by Jacqueline Mulvaney.

This is aimed at the beginner sewer who wants to make soft furnishings for the home with a minimum of skill and on a slim budget. A series of projects progressing in difficulty will guide you through basic skills and techniques. Starting with simple cushions and progressing through throws and bedspreads, basic currtains, blinds and tablecloths into easy upholstery such as sofa and armchair covers, and screens.

The idea is to recycle and renew, creating lovely new things for the house from your old clothes, curtains, sheets or skirt, by cutting them up, combining or restructuring them or embelishing them with new materials and trimmings. It is a modern contemporary approach to the thrifty housewife's use of old things.