Organic Gardening - Maria Rodale

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Organic Gardening
Your Seasonal Companion to Creating a Beautiful and Delicious Garden
By Maria Rodale

What This Book Is ... and Isn't

Athough I have been an organic gardener for over 20 years, I have often yearned for a book like this - a season-by-season guide covering ail the basics, the beauty, and the fun. Atter searching for it for years anally realized I would have to write that book myself. As a result, this is my journey-as well as yours - into creating a beautiful and deli cious organic garden.

This book will show you how to create your beautiful yard totally organically and then enjoy the results -flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs-with delicious recipes that capture the "just-picked" flavor that can't be bought in any store. Once you have tasted vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you've picked and eaten the same day, you will notice that food is alive. The sooner you eat it out of the ground, the more alive it still is, and you can't help feeling more vibrant and alive yourself after eating it.

This book is selective and personal. It's selective because everything in it is geared toward creating and enjoying an aesthetically designed and maintained organic garden. No pantyhose hanging from trees in this book!) But it's also personal because I am using my own experiences and my own garden in Pennsylvania as the basis for it and my own idea of what is beautiful. But whatever your concept of beauty is, you should be able to adapt the ideas and information in this book to suit your tastes.

Ultimately, gardening is about pleasure-the pleasure of creating, the pleasure of enjoying your home, and the pleasure of eating just-picked, delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables. This book will give you everything you need to get started (or continue) designing, creating, and enjoying your own beautiful and delicious organic garden