Making More Plants


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We need plants for food, for a healthy environment, and for a healthy home. Fortunately plants grow readily, when we meet their needs for food and living conditions. A bit like us, really!
And if you love gardening, propagation is gardening itself. This book presents innovative, practical techniques for expanding your plant collection, each step clearly illustrated with more than 500 full-colour photographs. Based on years of personal research, Making More Plants is a practical manual as well as a beautiful garden book. It presents procedures which the author Ken Druse has tried and tested and adapted, and photographed step by step. In clear inspirational language Ken takes the mystery out of seemingly complex practices such as seed conditioning, bulb division, leaf and stem cutting, grating and more. Whether focusing on techniques as easy as creating multiple plants from a single perennial using a common kitchen knife or on more complicated practices such as air layering, Ken's advice will inspire both novice and experienced gardeners to turn their homes and gardens into personal nurseries. Supplementing the text and photographs is a comprehensive appendix charting methods for propagating more than 700 different plants, listed by both common and Latin names, an invaluable resource unmatched by even the most thorough of propagation manuals. Straightforward advice, stunning photography and Kens engaging voice all combine to make Making More Plants an indispensable guide for every passionate gardener and plant lover.