LINUS Priming Oil - Livos Linus Wood and Cotto Oil #260 5 Litres


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LINUS Priming Oil - Wood and Cotto Oil #260 is a primer for very absorbent interior and exterior timber and stone surfaces. This priming oil is open pored, deep penetrating, permanently elastic, and reinforces the wood structure while it deepens the natural color of the wood grain. It is slow drying. LINUS Priming Oil is also suitable for toys and cotta tiles.

Use LINUS Priming Oil to prime interior and exterior highly absorbent wood and stone surfaces such as terracotta tiles and concrete. Not for wooden floors, cabinet interiors or fruit tree wood.

Ingredients: Linseed oil and drying agents, free of lead.

LINUS Priming Oil is slightly yellow coloured.

LINUS Priming Oil will cover approximately 12-18 m² per litre, per coat, depending on the absorbency and the type of stone or wood.