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Laundry Powder 1 kg EnviroClean


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Highly concentrated, suitable for use in both front & top load washing machines. Safe to use on cottons, synthtics, whites and coloureds. All water temperatures. Enzymes in our powder work effectively as a pre-soak for stains. Soak in a bucket or machine overnight to assist in stain removal. Do not add more powder.

Front and Top Load Machines
Very concentrated, use 1
3 dessertspoons depending on load size.
Soak overnight in the machine or bucket to remove stains.
Nappies - you can add 2 dessertspoons enviroClean Disinfectant.
Separate whites and coloured.
All water temperatures.

1 - 3 dessertspoons depending on load size and soiling. Soak for a minimum of 2 hours to remove stubborn stains. No need to add more powder.

Highly concentrated, economical and effective cleaning.

Use enviroClean Fabric Conditioner in final rinse for extra softness and static removal.

No petrochemicals
No phosphates
No caustics
No chlorine
No animal testing
Readily Biodegradable
Septic & Sewerage safe