Kunos Natural Oil Sealer Clear 750ml


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Creates a protective surface film for interior solid timber; floors (timber and concrete), furniture, window frames and doors, OSB board and toys. A transparent, gloss, water resistant, open pored finish. Available in 7 colours. White, Clear, Mahogany, Walnut, Rosewood, Smoked Oak and Dark Walnut. Also suitable for kitchen cupboards and benches.
Not suitable for cabinet interiors.

Kunos highlights and deepens the natural colour of the woodgrain. 2-3 coats produce a velvety finish.

Water resistant in accordance with DIN 68 861 part 1 (German: Duetsche Industrial Norm).
Complies with DIN 53 160, fast to perspiration and saliva.
Certified suitable for toys - DIN EN 71 part 3.

First coat: 1 liter is sufficient for approx. 22 m² (45ml/m²) or 1 quart is sufficient for approx. 237 ft²
Second coat: 1 liter is sufficient for approx. 90 m² (11ml/m²) or 1 quart is sufficient for approx. 968 ft²
Third coat: 1 liter is sufficient for approx. 250 m² (4ml/m²) or 1 quart is sufficient for approx. 2690 ft²

To make the maths easier;
750ml is enough for 3 coats on 13 m²
2.5 Litres is enough for 3 coats on 40 m²
5 Litres is enough for 3 coats on 85 m²
10 Litres is enough for 3 coats on 170 m²

Ingredients: Depending on color in different proportions: Linseed oil, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil - wood oil - stand oil, highly transparent iron oxide, titanium dioxide, natural resin glycerol ester, linseed oil - stand oil, orange oil, isoaliphates, silicic acid, micronized wax, pine oil, rosemary oil, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents. Free of lead.

Made in Germany.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to get a good finish, 18th May 2013

Reviewer: David Southern, Retro on Regent

It's easy to get a good finish even a non-professional can get a good finish, and it's environmental. People want to buy furniture from us that is safe, and doesn't emit fumes.

Very pleased, 5th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Jeff, Glebe Rowing Club

Back in mid-September this year you advised me on a Kunos natural Oil sealer for the wooden floor at the Glebe Rowing Club (GRC). At the time you were kind enough to give the club a discount on the product. The floor has been finished for just over two months now and we are very pleased with the finish, how easy the product was to apply and how the floors are wearing.

GRC is about to publish its final newsletter for the year. Among other things we will be acknowledging those people and organizations whom have helped/assisted the club over the last twelve months.

Jeff, Glebe Rowing Club

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