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Flora Remedia Let Go Treatment


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Flora Remedia Let Go Treatment assists in releasing you from persistent but negative thought patterns and behaviors. Use Flora Remedia Let Go Treatment to help you focus on the present, and leave niggling thoughts behind. The scent is deep, crisp, citrus and floral. At first this scent is very earthy, the floral notes develop once it's applied to your skin.

The aromatherapy principles behind this blend suit everyone. It can be used by people from all circumstances and experiences, we all need a little help letting things go, or releasing the grip things have on us, and aromatherapy is a mild and gentle, safe and effective treatment.

Just roll the scent on your pulse points such as your inner wrists, temples and behind your ears, as you would a perfume (which it really is, the scent is serene).

Use it as often as you need.

For external use only
Contents 10ml
Weight 45g
Keep under 30 degrees

Flower essences:
Star of Bethlehem

Fractionated (non scented) coconut oil
Sweet orange*
lime Cold Pressed*
Ylang Ylang Complete*
Rose Otto
Essential oils collected from: USA, Mexico, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Bulgaria.

Australian made and owned, totally natural, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.