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Flora Remedia Calm Treatment


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Flora Remedia Calm treatment is soothing, centering and especially calming. A fresh, floral and feminine way to keep your cool! The scent is sweet and soft, and just a little musky. This wonderful blend will keep you grounded and moderate your mood so that you maintain your composure.

The calming effect of this blend works equally well for us all, for people pressured at work, for frantic students under pressure from deadlines, for parents who have parented too long, and for agitated children.

Just roll the scent on your pulse points such as your inner wrists, temples and behind your ears, as you would a perfume (which it really is, the scent is beautiful, a little floral)

Use it as often as you need.

For external use only
Contents 10ml
Weight 45g
Keep under 30 degrees

Flower essences:
White Chestnut

Fractionated (non scented) coconut oil
Rose Geranium flower leaf and stem oil

Australian made and owned, totally natural, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.