Building with Straw Bales B Jones

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by Barbara Jones. Straw bale building is a radically different approach to the process of building. Like all innovative ideas, it has been pioneered by the passionate, and used experimentally by those with the vision to see its potential. It is firmly based in that sustainable, green building culture that has brought to the construction industry many new and useful ideas about energy efficiency and responsibility towards the environment.As a building material, straw excels in the areas of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. This practical guide has been written by the most experienced straw bale builder in theUK. It gives details of all the main construction methods, and includes: bale specifications plans walls and foundations doors and windows plastering building regulations and planning permission frequently asked questions construction drawings.This fully revised and updated edition includes new construction drawings, standard details for best practice design, examples of off-the-peg drawings for small buildings such as summer-houses and studios, and designs for affordable houses. These designs meet Building Regulations Code 6 for sustainable homes, and have a carbon rating of less thanzero.

(Note that our natural paints, oils and finishes are ideal for the natural and earth builder)