Abode Dishwash Sensitive 5L


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Abode Dishwashing Liquid Fragrance Free (5L) was designed for people with skin sensitivities. It cleans the dishes without creating skin itches or rashes. While it is specifically designed to be safe to use for people with eczema, it is a really good dishwashing liquid, so even if you don't have a skin sensitivity, it is still the best choice as a dishwashing liquid!

Abode Dishwashing Liquid is a rich lathering dishliquid that tackles the dirtiest pans, baking trays and pizza trays, even a lasagne dish is easy to clean. Just fill it with water, leave to soak for 5 minutes, wipe off the burnt-on food residue, and you're done!

Why is the Abode Sensitive Cleaning range dominating the health market? That would be because the Abode Sensitive range is a fragrance free, pH adjusted range that is formulated with plant based ingredients yet remains ultra powerful. The Abode range is a unique formulation that is free from enzymes, fragrances and nasty chemicals such as cocobetaine, sodium lauryl sulphate and ethoxylated ingredients. Abode was designed to leave your dishes sparkling clean with no chemical residue. Even though Abode products contain the best ingredients money can buy, the concentrated formula makes it remarkably economical when compared to similar brands on the market.

Abode differs from other Cleaning Brands by using food grade ingredients (where they are available) instead of industrial grade because there can be contamination from heavy metals in inductrial grade products.
The Abode range has been designed by a naturopath and formulating chemist 'from the ground up' for people with skin and chemical sensitivities.
Abode products are grey water and septic tank safe.
The concentrated formulations of the Abode Cleaning range make it more affordable than other similar brands on the market
Abode is dedicated to manufacturing the world’s best cleaning range

Ingredients: water, alkylpolyglucosides (derived from coconut, wheat and corn and found in high end personal care products), sodium coco sulphate (derived from coconut oil), sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut oil), citric acid (food grade), sodium citrate (food grade), glycine extracts (amino acids) and sodium lactate (food grade).

Abode Dishwashing Liquid is Australian made and owned. (Buying local is very eco!)