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Zest Handypack 5L


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Zest Total Bathroom Cleaner and Deodoriser available in 1 Litre or 5 Litres (Concentrate) Zest is a totally organic, thickened cleaner for bathrooms and toilets. It removes heavy deposits of scale and body fat in the shower, rust stains in the toilet, yet it has no toxic ingredients or dangerous chlorine fumes. Due to its mild acidity, Zest is not recommended for marble or limestone surfaces. Australian Made, Australian Owned.

We recommend the specially marked dispenser bottle with your first purchase, so that your diluted mix is properly labelled. Callibrations on the side of the dispenser bottle make measuring easy when making the dilution, and there are instructions for use to refer to if needed, without having to refer back to the concentrate bottle.

A convenient and easy way to measure accurately is to fit a pump to the bottle. More info

INGREDIENTS: coconut based detergents, sugar fermented acids, salt, citrus turpenes and lime oil. Traces of food colour and anti oxident. Super biodegradability - usually 2.5 to 5 days. No petroleum based or animal based products. Contains no ingredients that upset the bacterial balance in septic or bio waste systems. Systems run better without chlorine. No need for disinfectants, ZEST's high powered cleaning action leaves surfaces too clean for bacteria. Used in many hospitals throughout Australia.

Directions for Use: Toilets and Urinals - Apply undiluted via squeeze bottle or trigger spray - allow the clinging action to activate and lightly brush or leave overnight without brushing. Pay attention to under rim area. This is where most odours and stains come from. Deeply marked stainless steel urinals may require white or green hand pad agitation to remove heavy buildup. Rinse thoroughly.
Showers and Heavily Built Up Soap and Scum - Apply undiluted, first apply to floor of the shower then up the walls. Allow 5 minutes for the cleaning action to work. Then sponge with scourer and rinse.
Walls, Benches and Fixtures - Dilute between 1 to 5 and 1 to 10 parts water. Either foam using pressure washer (with foam gun), or sponge mop the surface to remove buildup from tiles and grouting. Wipe fixtures with cloth or towelling. Floors will dry streak and residue free with a shiny new look.
Floors - Dilute 1 to 50 (200 ml per 10 litre bucket) parts water in wringer bucket or sponges bucket and apply wet to floor, to soak a few minutes, then dry mop off. Tiled floors maintained in this way will be free of soap scum and shine like new.
Handling - This product is mildly acidic and should be used with gloves to reduce skin chapping and drying, if prolonged use is envisaged.
NOTE: To improve biodegradability of this product, we have not included preservatives; only anti-oxidants are used to keep the natural oils fresh. This prolongs freshness, life and aroma of this product whilst it is cleaning all your washroom surfaces - and it biodegrades faster than products that contain preservatives. Please keep the lid tightly closed when not in use and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

*Not to be used on marble, limestone or granite.