Wooden Pizza Server / Pizza Lifter


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A beautiful and practical Cherrywood Pizza server. Your home-made pizza deserves to be beautifully served, and this tactile, all natural wooden serving tool will look good in any setting, at the pizza oven, outdoors or in your home kitchen. Cherrywood has a beautiful reddish grain, any pizza looks more apetizing served with an all natural wooden pizza server!

The broad wedge shaped blade suits a pizza serving, and presents the pizza perfectly when you're 'plating up'.

Home-made pizza is the best, served uncrumpled makes it better!

Size: approximately 30cms long, 10.5cm at its widest point.

The tip is chamfered to make it easy to slide under your pizza.

And being natural wood, this serving tool wil biodegrade when it eventually reaches the end of its serving life. That's after you have repurposed it as a veggie bed marker!

Made in Germany.

Handwash only, towel dry to prolong its life.