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Waxed Reusable Veggie Wraps x4


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Wrap It Green Reusable Hemp/Organic cotton Veggie Wraps Pack of 4.
The safe, natural, reusable alternative to cling film! This set of 3 wraps comes in a handy storage envelope to protect your wraps when they are not being used.

Wrap it Green are made of a unique combination of:

* Hemp & Organic Cotton Blend (unbleached)

* Certified Organic Beeswax (straight from the farm)

* Natural Tree resin (straight from the source)

* Pure Jojoba oil

* Handmade in Australia with love and care, just for you!

Uses: Cover your leftovers, fruits & vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, muffins & cakes. The uses are endless!

This set of 4 Wraps are 20x20cm each.