Vida Natural Face Paint Livos


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Make -believe is such fun! Dress-ups, magic shows, costume parties; they all fire the imagination and provide us with a little escapism, not to mention creating memorable moments!

This natural face paint set gives you the ability to have this fun knowing that there is no toxic ingredients in contact with the soft and beautiful skin on your childs face (or your own!)

The set contains 12 colours and has 2 brushes and a cotton face cloth. The paints are made from all natural raw materials, absolutely no preservatives. These paints are skin friendly, they give excellent coverage and skin tolerance, and are easy to apply and remove. These face paints holds up well to perspiration.

Vida Natural Make-up face paint is suitable for children and adults, for Carnival time or any time! Vida Natural Make-up face paint contain 0% VOC, and are also suitable for painting toys.

Vegetable oils, beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral pigments and Vitamin E.

The 12 colours are: Ochre, Persian red, Black, Light Blue,Red, Ochre, Dark Brown, Green, Violet, English Red, Light brown, Dark blue, White

To use, apply fine lines of your motive or pattern with a cloth-wrapped pencil for contouring, and then use a wide brush to fill in-between areas. To mix different colors, apply each color separately very thinly with a brush, and one on top of the other. Add a little oil to make colors creamier.