URA Colour May Green 375ml


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Part of the Livos range of non toxic, low voc and environmentally friendly natural paint range.

Livos Ura Coloring Paste is pigment for tinting LIVOS Dubron Wall and Ceiling paints and natural texture render. It is non-
fading. It can be mixed at any ratio (creating a wider range of colour shades) with Dubron wall and ceiling paint. 17 basic pigment colours are available and are inter-mixable with each other at any ratio.

Ura pastes are suitable for interior surfaces as supplied, or added to tint LIVOS Dubron Wall Paints.

The pigment pastes are made from water, earth- and mineral pigments, beeswax soap, linseed oil - stand oil, Dammar resin, natural resin ester, orange oil, isoaliphates, ethanol, silicic acid, methyl cellulose, borax and boric acid.

Colours stocked are :

005 Sunny yellow
011 Ochre
101 Black
021 Red ochre
041 English red
051 Persian red
071 Natural umbra
081 Burnt umbra
442 Golden yellow
111 Green
121 Ultramarine blue
211 Cream
440 Linden green
441 May green
443 Mint turquoise
444 Capri blue
445 Blue-violet

The pastes come in 0.05, 0.125, 0.375 and 2.5 litre containers.

Coverage varies considerably dDepending on the intended purpose and the desired color intensity. As a full-tone paint, 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 6 m² per coat.

We suggest to clean all equipment immediately after use with warm, soapy water.

See colour charts here for colour ranges.

A technical data sheet is available for more information.