Toilet Cleaner 500ml ecoStore


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You want your toilet germ free, but also want a no chemical cleaner, and you dont want to be in there up to your armpits.
This is a perfect solution to the loo cleaning problem. Eco Store toilet cleaner has a gooseneck on the bottle, and has been independently proven to kill common household germs, such as salmonella, e.coli, staphylococcus, psuedomonas and entrococcus bacteria.

It also has a fresh fragrance while it cleans, sanitises and protects your toilet.

Aqua (Water),
Alkyl Polyglucosides (cleansing agent derived from natural resources),
Citric Acid (cleansing agent derived from renewable resources),
Xanthan Gum (Natural Thickening Agent),
D-Limonene (extract from citrus peel),
Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (preservative).

It is suitable to clean porcelain and ceramic toilets, as it doesn't contain corrosive chemicals which sometimes damage the toilets surface.

Instructions for use:
Squeeze gently under the rim of the toilet bowl.
For optimal results allow to work for several minutes before flushing.
Stubborn stains may require extra time or scrubbing.