Thermometer Energy Saving

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Energy Saveing Thermometer
Size: 182x 32 (-20 to 100°C)
You can save energyby not over heating or overcooling your home or office. Don't run heaters and aircon unnecessarily! Keep an eye on the temperature, and adjust the settings when necessary. Every degree of cooling costs more to achieve than the previous degree, which means that it takes more power to cool from 23 to 22 degrees, than it took to get from 24 to 23 degrees. So it uses more electricity for each incremental step, costing you more money.

The same applies to your fridge & freezer, they need to be cold enough, but not too cold. Each extra degree you chill uses a disproportionate amount of electricity, so run it right and save money and the environment!

This thermometer also allows you to check that your hot water is within the 'safe' zone. A must for children & the elderly, and anyone else who doesnt like to be burnt water that is too hot!