The Organic Garden - J Hodges


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The Organic Garden - Jeffrey Hodges' time-saving, minimal-energy techniques have been turning ordinary gardeners into organic green-thumbs for years. With his winning ideas even the busiest, least motivated gardener can attain a bountiful garden that works in harmony with nature, rather than against it. Try them now, and produce your own healthy, chemical-free fruits, vegetables and flowers. This beautifully illustrated manual explains how to:
turn your garden into a self-sufficient source of vegetables, fruit and flowers
design a garden ecosystem that includes bird-attracting native shrubs and trees
start a garden of any size using the 'no-dig' and other amazingly easy methods
use techniques such as composting, mulching, crop rotation, companion planting and 'self-recycling' gardening to maximise pleasure and results and minimise time and effort grow great gardens without artificial fertilisers or chemical pesticides
look after your pot plants and balcony garden become attuned to the natural world and help sustain the environment in lots of practical ways.
Jeffrey Hodges has more than 40 years' practical gardening experience. He studied agricultural science at Queensland University and environmental science at Griffith University.