The Gourmet Garden - V Hayes


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The Gourmet Garden by Virginia Hayes. grow gourmet ingredients in your garden, green house or even a window box and enjoy organic food that is more nutritious, fresher and tastier than store-bought produce. The Gourmet Garden is an organic gardening book for people who truly care about food. showing clearly how to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers, it alsao guides you through everything from potting, pruning and caring for your palnts to harvesting, storing and using them in your kitchen. Grow your own and you'll be 100% assured that no unwelcome chemicals have made their way into your food. Plus you can be confident in the knowledge that you're helping the environment at the same time. Practical seasonal tips and a directory section brimming with information will help you grow fresh and natural ingredients all year round - you'll never look back!