The Enzyme Cure


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by Lita LEE & Lisa TURNER. Enzymes are the most overlooked link to good health. This book gives you clinically proven ways to help yourself to better health. With a low-cost, self-help program, enzyme therapy can change your life for the better by rebalancing your hormones, restoring your health and preventing illness. Enzyme therapy can help reverse these conditions: acne, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, asthma, bed-wetting, broken bones, bruises, cancer, candidiasis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, disc problems, fibroids, gall bladder disorders, gastritis, gastric ulcer, headaches, herpes, hiatal hernia, hyperactivity/ADD, infant colic, insomnia, intestinal disorders, kidney stones, menopausal symptoms, mental disorders, osteoporosis, parasites, premenstrual syndrome, prostate enlargement, psoriasis, seizures, sprains, tendonitis and weight problems.