Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs


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Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs by That Red House. These are Marine Grade stainless steel, they definitely will not rust! Which means no peg stains on your clothes. They will not twist apart and fling the spring into the garden either, nor set a trap for the unwary lawnmower, flicking plastic shrapnel and wire springs around the yard! And they're totally up to the job of keeping a pair of jeans firmly attached to the line!
For a zero waste, plastic free life, get some of these pegs, they'll last until you dont need pegs anymore!

And yes, steel can get hot, but they wont get so hot they'll burn your clothes! The reason is that it's a small piece of steel, and the heat dissipates from it very rapidly. Just think of all those washing lines that are just a piece of fencing wire srung between two posts, the washing just doesnt catch fire!
And if you're worried you'll burn your fingers, just use a sock as a mitt, or a flannel or any other small item that's out there ready to be put to use. At least you know you're not adding to the toxic load of plastics on earth.

Packaged in reusable calico peg bag .

1 bag contains 20 pegs.

316 Marine Grade, 2mm Stainless Steel Pegs