Spray Deodorant Body Crystal, Crystal Mist - Fragrance Free


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The Body Crystal Spray Deodorant is the perfect alternative to anti-perspirants which clog your pores which means they block your body's natural perspiration process. The Body Crystal Spray Deodorant prevents odour naturally by inhibiting bacterial growth on your skin which cause odour. It's that simple! It's an effective and safe way of stopping odour before it starts. The deodorant creates an invisible layer of protection on the surface of the skin. Its not sticky, and leaves you feeling fresh and clean all day. It does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminium Chlorohydroxide. Body Crystal Spray Deodorant is alcohol free - so it doesn't dry your skin, paraben free, hypo-allergenic, safe for sensitive skin and allergy suffers. Body Crystal Spray Deodorant is ozone friendly and naturally effective.