Solar Jar Lantern


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Reduce reuse recycle or repurpose! You know the glass jar your grandmother used for pickles or preserves?

That mason jar has been given a second life as a solar sunjar! These are a preserving jar, now with an award-winning, eco based design twist, the humble glass jar has been turned into a Solar Jar Lantern the ultimate hybrid of vintage aesthetics and modern technology.

So capture the sun in a jar and use the sunlight at night! These sun-fired jars give you a free light source which works even when the power fails!
The use of a traditional airtight and watertight Maison Jar (preserving jar) combined with a high tech high efficiency solar cell and a low wattage LED light, this Solar Sun Jar is perfect for continuous outdoor lighting, or as a night light when left on a sunny windowsill during the day.

The best part about Solar Jars is is that you can place objects such as shells, flowers or crystals inside them for a quirky and individual way to light up a dinner table or to decorate a mantelpiece.

Although it is made of clear glass, the colour of the light could be changed by simply inserting a coloured piece of

cellophane or tissue paper under the lid.

And because the Solar Jar is flame free it is ideal for outdoor functions and remains useful where or when open flame candles are prohibited. As there are no flames, it is also child friendly. The Solar Jar Lantern is fabulous for Christmas functions and other summer events when flames are not permitted, and remeber to use it for the chinese lantern festival too! The LED lights are solar powered by rechargeable batteries, all you need to do is place the jar, or just the lid, on a sunny windowsill.

A really neat swing-switch turns the light on when it becomes dark. The unique on-off switch is 100% waterproof, and is the first

light switch of its kind registered with patent authorities!

The curiosity value of the switch also adds a surprise factor to the Solar Jarlantern.
There are no controls on the inside of the jar.

Capture a bit of sunshine to use at night!

The Solar Jar is a beautiful decorative feature and is a great idea for a unique and wonderful gift. From outdoor entertainment and themed events to camping and the odd blackout, the Solar Jar is boundlessly versatile.