Sanitary pads Organyc - Super Flow & Maternity


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Made by Organyc. Available in
'Moderate Flow' - Day, Wings, Moderate Flow, Ultra Thin, Folded and Individually wrapped.
'Heavy Flow' - Night, Wings, Heavy Flow, Ultra Thin, Folded and individually wrapped.
'Heavy Flow' - Wings, Super Flow and Maternity, Thick, packed flat not wrapped.

All with Wings. Hypoallergenic sanitary pads, 100% Cotton based, Natural, Organic, Biodegradable and Compostable feminine hygiene products.

Totally chlorine free. The whitening of the cotton comes from hydrogen peroxyde. Perfume free. All parts are biodegradable and compostable. They are enviromental friendly and not tested on animals. The raw materials come from renewable sources.
All packaging materials are biodegradable or made with recycled cardboard. Due to the COTTON, they all are soft, breathable and fresh.All our products are hypoallergenic.

Endorsed, and prescribed to patient suffering from allergies, by the Italian Association of Gynaecologists (AOGOI), the products are also supported by Gynaecologists and Consumers Associations all over the World.

Made in Italy