Resealable Food Storage bags


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BPA free lunch bags! These Resealable Food Storage bags are just the right size for a sandwich bag. The ziplock resealable closure means you can reuse the bag as often as you like. When it reaches the end of its life, just toss in on the compost heap, or into the worm farm, or just bury it, it will completely biodegrade.

BioBag’s food storage products are:

Breathable, strong and elastic
Keeps food fresh longer and are suitable for storing all kinds of food, including fat and acids
Made from the raw material Mater-Bi, and can be composted together with food waste.

20 bags per box.
Bags are 22cm high (to the ziplock) and 17.5cm wide.

Certified compostable, made from cornstarch, non-GMO cornstarch that is. Yes, the colours and print are, of course, also plant based and compostable.